Thursday, January 29, 2009

2006 and 2007

Well, 2006 is the first year that we moved into this house, and so we barely had time to think about getting out of boxes before it was time for Halloween.  Unfortunately we had a lot of those boxes lying around, and I thought it would be a good idea to make some cardboard grave stones to put in the yard.  Sad fact is, at the time, I thought they looked pretty good – sorry there are no pictures… but I spent a lot of time painting them to look like aged marble and such, but wow – when pulling them out in 2007 (yes, I actually saved them) they looked horrible. 

In 07, we bought some gravestones that looked much better than my cardboard replicas, but alas they were still commercial, and well, cheesy.  Added a store bought ground breaker, some dead leaves and such, and had a “do-able” graveyard… enough to scare the 3 year olds, anyways. 

Nov2007 310 Don’t ya just love the lighting?  We had a lot to learn :)

Bought another monster kinda guy to hang from the top of our chimney… he was probably the show stopper of the year…

Nov2007 020 He didn’t really scare the cat though…

What really mattered that year was that we had fun, and it really got us to thinking of what we wanted to do next year…. which included a definite distaste for the Halloween aisle at the big chain stores.

We would do it ourselves……


Martha said...

So COOL!!!!!

We always make sure that we go trick-or-treating to houses like yours :)


Grim said...

I was the exact same way. The only things I buy on the Halloween aisle now is maybe some of that "freaky fabric" to make my own props with, or possibly some of that spider web stuff. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, and to keeping up with your blog.


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