Saturday, April 18, 2009

Progress… Slow and Steady

I love starting on props in February, it allows for you to work on several projects at a time, going from project to project when you need a break or a fresh perspective, or your kid breaks your gargoyle and you want to throw it in the trash.  Don’t throw it away, just put it in the corner, promise to come back to it next week, when you can do it without cursing, and start on a pumpkin.

Having said that, I bet you can assume that the Gargoyles are currently in the “pissed off” category.  Another project in that (ever increasing) category is the cauldron.  I’m about to make the largest trash bin that our house has ever see out of that thing.


Never let it be said that I’m not an idiot who takes all the stuffing out of a mache project before its ready…. or strong… and that the bottom wont cave in, so that when you lay it on its side to keep from having the bottom fall OUT, it then warps into an OVAL shaped cauldron.  Ugh.  Jayson had it right when he wanted to go buy the garden bucket… NO!  I will NOT give up!  I will put it in the “pissed off” corner, and move on.  It’s April, I have TIME!  (right?!?!  oh dear.)

The candles, on the other hand, are coming along splendidly, I just forgot to take a picture of them.  I am just finishing up the wax drips, then a coat of paint, and then Jayson gets them to do some kind of LED magic on them.  I get to make a kabillion flames out of silicone, and stick a fork in them.  Sweet.  Something according to plan.

Pumpkins.  Did I mention we are doing Zombie Pumpkins as a theme this year?  I liked it because I had not heard of it being done before (and if YOU have, please, PLEASE don’t tell me, or I will wanna change, and then I WILL end up at, haha) and the pumpkins could easily be reused in other themes in years to come.

So, I need a lot of pumpkins.  Not 100 of them like a fellow forum member is doing, but… still… a lot.  Its April, and I’m up to 4.  I think I should be concerned, but, nah.  Not yet.  (Have time?  Right?)

4-17 028 4-14 025

Since these are still in the “working” pile, I haven’t started on the angel in the background yet, or any of the new graves.  But I’m sure that I will get tired of pumpkins and want something new for a week or two.  That's the joy of April.

And speaking of the “joy of April”, I just want to say how appreciative I am to live in Texas, as these were blooming throughout my yard this morning, and I just want to share two of the shots with you, in case your roses aren’t in bloom yet.

Off to a make & take tomorrow, so we will talk to you soon!

4-17 004 4-17 012


Diane said...

hehehe the pissed off corner!

i just LOVE the idea of zombie pumpkins!

and i'm very jealous of your weather!!

i'd love to see the candles!

suzanne said...

It looks like the pumpkins are coming along beautifully!! Don't worry. You still have six whole months.
Like Diane, I too am envious of your weather. I looked at my rose bushes yesterday. And saw maybe a dozen buds on bare stems!

The Captain said...

Everything looks cool, except the cauldron ;)
I'm intrested to see the candles finished.

Ghoul Friday said...

I have 11 plastic bag pumpkin shapes in my 'pissed off' corner. And they'll stay there until they learn not to be so stupid and time consuming *wink*.

I'm so glad you shared your update! Enjoy your flowers (We have green bulbs and buds on trees, but no flowers yet)

aSmarterU said...

So far, I have 1 half dead pirate captain, 1 large anchor and a few small things started, but not any near completion! Yeah for starting early, boo for not finishing ANYTHING! LOL Seems we are all in that group ... maybe I should put myself in the 'pissed off' corner! ;)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I agree - love the pissed off corner....although I do believe that 1/2 of my props would spend time there at one point in their creation process :)

Thanks for sharing you progress!


PumpkinBrain said...

I am doing a pumpkin too but not a zombie one. I have some problem with mine though... The clay I used to add details on my pumpkin cracked up and is falling apart. At least, I was not at the painting step :-) My pumpkin is now in the pissed off corner while I'm working on my stirring witch.

Please post pictures of your pumpkins when they are done.

Spooky Boo said...

Heh, the Pissed off Corner! Like Ghoul Friday I too have trash bag pumpkins started and have yet to go back to them due to their time neediness. Every time I walk by them I try to think of a way to make them be created faster, but I have yet to come up with anything.

I am soooo jealous of the flowers!!! I live in Alaska and we are weeks away from blooms like that. The Tulips are just starting to show some green and the Rhubarb is just starting to form little heads.


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