Thursday, April 16, 2009

Store Bought Items and Clay Recipes

Have been watching the thread at Halloween forum where Terra describes the her version of the 'Beloved' Tombstone, and absolutely fell in love with the way the dress pleats, creases, and curls underneath the monster mud and Drylok.  I decided to start drawing up some sketches and doing some online research of Cemetery Statuary to be able to incorporate a dress, while coming up with something completely different from Terra’s version.  I also started hunting dresses, looking in thrift shops, Craigslist, etc.  and believe it or not, found my gem on Ebay.  After a few tense days, I won this one for $10.00.  Bet the seller didn’t like me too much, heh.

4-14 037

I never knew how hard it is to photograph a white dress in a white house.


4-14 036 

              4-14 032 4-14 035 4-14 031

Sorry I can’t post some of my inspiration cemetery statue pictures, but I steal from ALL over the internet, and heaven only knows what kind of trouble I would get into for throwing some of those out there without the proper permission, haha.

Another find was at Michaels, while picking up a new glue gun and some Sculpey. 

4-14 030

7 inches tall, made of resin, 5.99 full price, but I used my 40% off coupon to get her for 3 bucks.  (Made Jayson use his 40% off coupon for my new glue gun – he got the crap end of that stick, lol).  Now she just needs to get dirtied up…. fast.  :)

A note on my clay.  I have gotten some emails asking the recipe for the clay.  I’m going to post it, but with a word of caution.   This is NO WHERE NEAR as good as Creative Paperclay, or Sculpey or anything… it is pliable and easy to work with, using water as your smoothing solvent, but if you put it on too thick, it cracks.  It also breaks if your 13 year old son accidentally kicks a gargoyle over and it hits the garage floor…. hypothetically, of course.

4-14 029

Lost the tip of his ear, and a chunk at the base of his ear.

BUT.  Having said that, it is also cheap, easy as pie to make, smoothes out pretty nicely, and can have a purpose, as long as you know its short comings.

330-2 010 330-2 009

Showing cracks during the drying process.  I found a solution for this, see below.


One Of Many Homemade Clay Recipes:

3 1/2 – 4 Cups Flour (depending on humidity.  I tend to use 4)

1/2 C Salt

1 TB Cream of Tartar (powder in a small jar, found on spice aisle)

2 C water

2 1/2 TB Oil

1 TB Vanilla Extract – Optional.  Kinda makes it smell like Play Doh, and it’s just for fun.

Boil the water.  Place flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a large bowl.  (I use my largest Tupperwear bowl).  Measure out your oil and vanilla, and have it ready.

Once the water is boiling, pour directly into flour all at once.  Pour the oil and vanilla in, and stir to combine.  It may seem a little bit dry at first, but don’t add more water yet.  Wait a minute or two for it to cool if you are a pansy like me.  Once cool enough to touch, start kneading.  This is SOOO therapeutic.  If I could knead warm dough ever day that I don’t have to worry about baking and having it be too tough, I would be a happy girl.  If it is still too dry after kneading for several minutes, add a bit of water a few drops at a time.  I have never had to do this.  Knead until it is no longer sticky at all, and has the consistency of, well, clay.

Stores in a plastic container with a lid.  (This size batch fits PERFECTLY into a large Cool Whip container.  I’m just sayin….)

If you apply this to a prop, and notice hairline cracks the next day when it is drying (it is air dry, not to be fired) you can cover those pretty well by using a brush, and painting some papier mache paste over them… this smoothes it out.

I have another recipe to try that involves glycerine, so as soon as I find that at the drug store, I will be testing again.  Will let you know how that goes.

If anyone uses this clay on a prop this year, I would sure like to see it… hint.  hint.


Diane said...

that dress............. i'm in love! you practically STOLE it!! :)

i'm laughing right now picturing us yapping at our kids for doing something like knocking over a tombstone or gargoyle or something...
"do you even *realize* how long it took me to make that tombstone??!!" lol!

our poor kids! :P

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Great dress, that will be perfect for that monument. You did get a great deal!! I am jealous :)


Lisa said...

I can't wait to see what you do with that dress - it's beautiful! That angel is cool, too. I can totally see that on a tombstone.


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