Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Shopping…

We tried so hard to be normal, red blooded CHRISTMAS type people today, and got out with the masses to celebrate Black Friday.  Happened by Big Lots to pick up some cheap stocking stuffers.  Found an angel tombstone topper that I’m sure is supposed to be all Christmas-ey and stuff…. oh, and 8 packs of flicker LED tealights that are probably supposed to be in a cute little Christmas window or something….

2009-11-27 23.38.37

Yeah, tried really hard to Christmas shop, but gosh darn we are coming home with more Halloween stuff than Santa stuff!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Turkey Day weekend… this 4 day weekend is just such a blessing for me – time with the family, then time to unwind.  Love it!

Monday, November 23, 2009

End of the Season

Ok, it’s official now. I took our last prop down on Sunday, so the season is finally over for the year. I had left Jack, our large Pumpkin Reaper, up in our yard after everything else was put away weeks ago.

He’s my favorite guy and I always have a hard time destroying him every year. I always find an excuse to keep him around as long as possible, but the excuses finally ran out and he had to go.

I created a little tribute video to see him off.

As it is November 23rd…











Happy birthday honey… even though I nag you more than I should, and bitch about Halloween related TO-DO’s more than I should… I have always loved you, and always will.  You are a wonderful husband and father, and I hope today is very special for you because you are very loved.  :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Makeshift Tombstone Painting Station

You come up with the most fun things when your hubby has every available inch of the garage taken up with huge a$$ props….  You end up in the driveway one day, making an assembly line for painting and aging tombstones…. and find a way that you will use whether there’s space in the garage or not!  (Yes, I did notice that I had been kicked out of the MAN CAVE, but come to find out, it was ok!)

I didn't get a pic of my “table” set up, but it went something like this…

Take one of these

419C44MSQKL._SL500_AA280_ and move the two boards together to sandwich 2 pieces of rebar between them.  This is where you will put the tombstones (with embedded PVC, right?) to stand upright to paint.

Then pull up your city trash can, and make a white trash (haha) painters bench…. it even has a girlie little towel rack built right in!  LOL


I couldn't have built anything better if I had planned it.

You can see one on the workbench in the shot below….


It gets you up close and personal with your stones, at eye level, from all directions, and lets you allow it to dry for a few minutes before moving it.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog Spotlight: Johnny Thunder’s Midnite Spook Frolic

Haunters are some of the best people I have run across – both in person, and in real life.  I would really like to share some of the encouragement that we have been given in our first year in the Haunting Community, and introduce you to some blogs you may or may not know about.  Either way, they will all be from people that have inspired me, encouraged me, or otherwise touched my life.

The first blog is Johnny Thunders Midnite Spook Frolic.  I know many of your are familiar with the famous JT from Haunt or Halloween Forum (and jtsob300probably others that I dont even know about!) and especially Hauntcast.  (JT, there is not a single bad day that I could have that would not be instantly brighter just hearing that LAUGH of yours!)  But you may not know that he has an amazing blog that he just started on September 21, 2009.

If you are on the forums, you have been no doubt amazed by the threads with articles of the strange and stranger…. and he keeps us up to date with horror movie news and reviews on Hauntcast.  But the blog… well, his blog is a thing of wonder for Horror movie buffs and haunt enthusiasts alike.

It promises “Monsters, Martians, and Madmen”, and it delivers.

Classic horror movie reviews?  More than you can imagine.  Movie poster eye candy?  As far as you can see.   General tidbits, including actor/actresses’ birthdays, movie screenshots to take you back through memory lane, more of those wacky articles he finds about the weirdest things I have ever heard of, festival/convention info, horror DVD releases and of course, announcements of the newest release of Hauntcast.

All wrapped up into one amazingly entertaining blog.  Its a visual treat, as well as such a good read.  If you arent already a follower, you will be doing yourself a favor to add him to your list.

Johnny Thunder, you are a treasure to the Haunting Community for all that you bring to it, and speaking for myself, I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it!

Reuse Broken Things…















At times like this – when someone you love breaks one of your favorite err… thingee-ma-bobbers (I have no idea what to call that little mini-column thing that I use as a plant stand all year long til Halloween when it just becomes a creepy place to showcase a favorite object)

Anyways, when it gets broken, don’t toss it out….  save the big pieces, and arrange it in a graveyard as if it broke naturally…. 70 years ago. 

It will make you feel better!  :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

I make the stupidest mistakes when I write…

I don’t know how “carpet latex” got into my head, and therefore into my last post – but it was not, I assure you, carpet latex that I mixed with sand.  It was this….



Hardwood floor wood filler – came in a big bucket for a little bit of money, and with about 1 part of this stuff to about 3 parts sand made a perfect texture.  Dried overnight to an amazing finish that will not break or chip off.

Ugh, getting that email from Jaybo on my phone… titled, “Err, your last post???”  Felt like I got caught by the teacher again.

My apologies.  Not like any of you rushed out for carpet latex… YOU know better.  One of these days I will write a post at a decent hour, and clear my mind of the last 30 minutes of browsing blogs, Haunt and Halloween Forum and Twisted Nightmares…. 

carpet latex.  on graves.  sheesh.

Heading off to take my son (and drag my reluctant hubby) to see New Moon at 11 pm.  Got my ear plugs ready for all the screaming teen age girls, LOL.  Hallelujah, its Friday!

Tombstone Texture

You may remember my talking about the home made seam filler I was using here... Before that, I had been using joint compound or wood filler to smooth over the seams on the sides of all those 1/2” pieces of foam to make more substantial tombstones.

Then one day, I ran out of wood filler, (I could never find it in large quantities, and when I had a little bit left in the container, it would dry out before I could use it all) so I mixed some wood glue and sand to make a thick paste and spread it over the seams with a trowel. 

I ended up loving the texture and weight so much that I went and got a tub of carpet latex, and was able to finish off about 20 more stones and hardly make a dent in the latex.  (So a lot cheaper!)

Found this shot last night, and thought I would show you how it ended up looking on Halloween night. 

stone texture night

I wish you could feel it….  I love this.  :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For an Amazing Neighbor…

Haunters have many reasons for doing what they do… it might be to scare neighborhood kids one night a year… it could be a creative outlet doing something they love… it could be an extension of wonderful Autumn/Halloween memories carried out throughout adult hood.

For these Nickols “kids”, it is a hobby that the two of us can share together all year, as well as an excellent chance to spend the month of October with our neighbors, outside in our front yard…. talking, catching up, laughing over a silly, but fun obsession.

Some of our neighbors might think we are just “over the top” or nuts…. but then, something amazing happens.  You come home one night, on the 11th of November, still a bit down and blue that Halloween is REALLY over for 350 more days, and you see something like this on your doorstep:

2009-11-11 20.05.30A box of candy and a card.  Your eyes light up a little…  do you have a secret admirer?  Oh no, its so much better than that, you can’t even imagine until you open the card….

2009-11-11 20.04.52 

If I ever question why I love this hobby so much, why I work on it every single month out of the year…. its moments like THIS VERY SECOND that remind me, and restore my faith in just about everything good in this world.

Thank you Dear Neighbor, I hope you read this blog someday and know how touched both Jayson and I are.  We can’t wait to see you every night in October next year. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Favorite Haunt Shots

Jaybo put up a few of his faves, so here are some of mine….


We didn’t really have specific characters that we were portraying…. we were just spooky Manor owners I guess :)


Jayson was trying to get a shot of the fog filling up our street, and got this KILLER shot!  I love it!


The ever popular Hallowindow eyeball there…


You guys have seen this one enough for 3 life times by now, eh?  :)


And one last pic, with some familiar faces for you…


I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween… and don’t forget – THREE HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR Days!!!! 


Meet the Parents

My parents don’t get any Trick or Treaters on Halloween, so they usually come over to our house, set up a few lawn chairs, drink some wine, and watch us scare all the 7 years olds down the street.  Usually a very entertaining evening for them.

CCPC Grand Canyon 2998

This is what they normally look like, only normally they aren’t standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but… work with me here.

So last night, we were putting the final touches on everything at about 4pm, when the door bell rang….















and THESE people show up!!!  Woah!  So, they walked around the graveyard, scared a lot of kids, and just overall MADE MY NIGHT.

I have the coolest parents ever! 

Woohoo! Best night of the year! Time to crash now…


Had a great time tonight! Tons of TOTs, ran out of candy twice and we had a LOT of candy!

Dixie is already passed out on the couch and I am headed to the lounger in the corner. Too tired to make it to anywhere else. Here are a few pics from tonight. Will post a bit more after we recover. Hope everyone had a great night!

Since Halloween has now officially come and gone, Happy El Día de los Muertos and All Saints Day! I have to go collapse now.

IMG_0454 IMG_0389 IMG_0451 IMG_0422 IMG_0386IMG_0450


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