Saturday, August 14, 2010

Costume Gathering

Well, its August, and I am so behind on gathering all the pieces for my costume.  It’s been 3 years that I have worn the same one, and I am so looking forward to something new.  Based on my last costume, there are a few things that I KNOW I want…

1.  Working with the light.  We use blue and red lights.  Which made for an invisible dress, being that it was black and emerald green.  This year I want lighter colors, which will absorb the light better, without making me look too cheery.  (In most of the pictures last year, you couldn’t make out anything except my clown white makeup, and my white wig, it was just a little TOO weird, lol)

2.  Proper hemming.  I was not born with the amazing ability to sew, hem, or even thread a needle.  I actually duct taped about 6 inches of my dress hem, so that I could walk in the yard without tripping.   Yes, duct tape.

3.  I like the full skirts of period dresses… Civil War, Early Victorian, Rococo without the added hips (which I seriously don’t need extra padding?!?!) so I am sticking with the old ghost of the Manor gig.

rococo Love the stripes, hate the extra hip, I don’t need extra hips ;)

il_430xN.81233108 Good combination of colors, lovely waist cincher, this is a heavy contender

black Love this one, the stern neckline and sleeves are good for warmth… just wish it weren’t so black…


4.  I am stuck on all thing Burton, and love the quirky-ness of black and white vertical stripes.  I want something kind of half serious, half quirky.

seuss Love this quirky fabric – from the (who’d a thunk it) Dr. Seuss line (haha!).  Wish I could work this in somehow…

So with a list like that, I have not found what I want looking at Etsy, Ebay, or any of the other sites I have found.  I believe that I’m going to contact a seamstress or two, and see if there is any way I can afford some help of someone that knows OH SO MUCH more than I do about this stuff.

I guess my idea of a quirky, old, crazy lady that died in a house and was buried in what appeared to be half circus costume is not such a common item!  (I make myself laugh on this one)

shoes Love these too!

Now, all I need to find is a wacky hat………..

Happy building everyone!


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