Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Halloween Christmas Loot

First let me say – Happy Thanksgiving!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  I guess it has been a long time since I posted, LOL.

We got some Halloween loot for Christmas, and it came in the form of building supplies.  My number one favorite thing to get a Christmas – and this year was the best yet.  Bless my family for understanding mine and Jayson’s disfunction… err…. HOBBY.

It all started with this box that my Mom and I had been collecting stuff for Jayson for months

IMG_1009 IMG_1013

Great stuff, extension cords, chip brushes, Gorilla tape, glues of every kind, cotton balls, and then everything we could get our hands from about 5 different Spirit stores after Halloween sales – A fogger, 2 more flame pots, masks, wigs, skeleton bags, etc.  This was as much fun collect stuff to buy as it was to watch him open it!


I’m not sure what Jayson is going to be wrapping this tripod around in order to take pictures of the haunt with, but far be it from me to question our photographer!

Christmas morning continued with goodies for me…


My brand new Dremel Trio, (woohoo, a new toy!) and an electric nail gun…

Speaking of Nails, Mom got me something Girlie AND Ghoulish



Clamps and Sharpies, Xacto Blades and Gloves, painters tape and an apron, oh my!

And just when we thought that we had scored enough to build and army of props, his Mom surprised us one last time


Wood skewers and mixing spoons, washclothes and duct tape, and what might be the cutest things of all….

 IMG_0985 You pull the string on their heads and their eyes light up and their jaws look like they are chomping on brains or something.  I named mine Achmed, after the dead terrorist, I forgot what Jayson named his, LOL.

So, I think we only have to buy a gallon or two of Oops paint, and we are fully stocked for the 2011 build season.

Now, if only we had our ideas coordinated as well as our parents had our gifts coordinated, we would be on top of it this January!

ON TO THE BUILD, I say!       

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