Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So I Have This Idea...

Hi all - Dawn here.  (I thought I would specify that, so that when it shows up on Jaybo's Facebook account, his friends won't think he has lost his mind)

So this idea isn't about props, monsters, themes, or costumes... but about the Haunt as a whole.  This year for some reason, I have been obsessing over what the people on the sidewalk think when they look into our yard.

For the last few years, I have stood out on the other side of the fence, and listened to the kids, listened to the adults, trying to eavesdrop on what they like, what they notice, what scares them, and then I take note of what does NOT get noticed, etc.

We also pose with them as their parents take our pictures, I watch them take pictures of various props.  Which got me to thinking.  (That "thinking" usually gets the hubby running for the hills)

I want to see the haunt through their eyes - through their pictures. 

So, I want them to send me their pictures.  Not to get this great photography - but to see their vision - what they gawk at.  So I thought, I could pass out a business card to anyone I see taking a picture on Halloween night - something that says "send us a few of your favorite pictures" yanno, something snappy like that. (rolls eyes)

So then I thought....What if.......... what if I find a way to communicate to the people that visit our haunt.... a contest.  Something like..... If we pick your picture, we will email you, and you can pick any epitaph, and we will feature a gravestone of your choice next year.  Would people care?  Would all of that FIT on a business card?!?! 

I know some 10 year old kids that would think naming a gravestone would be super cool - but is that enough to make parents email their pictures to me?

Pfffft.  My head hurts.  I can overcomplicate ANYTHING!  So, does it sound like a stupid idea?  Useless?  No one would even send one picture?

Need input.  I think Jaybo is afraid of hurting my feelings, LOL.

UPDATE:  My best buddy Shellee-O came up with a really good suggestion, which proves why she was my best friend growing up - she puts up with my "train of thought" derailments as good as Jayson does.  She suggested putting a link to the Nickols Manor Facebook page on a business card, and put the details of the contest, and also allows people to upload their pics there as well.  Genius, I say.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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