Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do You Like Halloween?

How about the Halloween community?  Do you like to look at the pictures of those in the Halloween community and find inspiration and cool ideas for upcoming October holidays?

Do you like to support that Halloween community that has given back to you so many times?


If so - consider purchasing 10 sets of the new 2010 Haunters DVD Collection.  (Ok, not 10.  Just one will do, LOL!)  Jeff and Chris Davis have taken over the project and have this years DVD ready to go.  They had 65 different haunts submit their videos and have compiled them on 5 DVDs.

Price for all this inspiration?  $25 OR, if you submitted a video it is $18.75.    There is a $3.50 shipping and handling charge through the PayPal payment process to cover shipping and PayPal fees.

If you truly never have heard of the Haunters Awards/Video project, please go here and read about it -

Jeff and Chris are not doing this to make money - not by any means.  They are continuing a tradition that had lost its organizer, and they didn't want to see it go away.  They are tops on my list of Greats for their involvement in the community, their charity contributions to their haunt, for their knowledge and skill, and Chris is just such an all around cheerleader - if you open any random post on her blog roll friends list - I am SURE you will find a comment by Chris, giving kudos or thanking the poster for a good laugh.

Now its our turn to give back to them - make sure that they break even on this project - don't let them incur alot of expenses on top of the enormous amount of time they spent keeping this awesome project alive.

Besides, the Halloween goodness of all those Haunts... available at your fingertips anytime you want it?  Killer good stuff.

Go Buy Your Set NOW!


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