Thursday, April 21, 2011

Haunter Awards: The After Party!

Hi all, Dawn here.  (I have to make that VERY clear, due to the nature of the next sentence)  Just getting home from the fabulous after parties, removing my diamond earrings, stiletto heels and furs.... downing the last of the champagne and.... oh wait.  That's one of those HOLLYWOOD after-the-award-show party nights.  This was an awards show given on the internet, and attended by Jayson and myself, sitting on the couch barefoot, and the after party was washing the dinner dishes.

What awards show, you ask?  Noooo, you didnt really ask that, because you, my friend, already know.  You read the forums, follow the blogs, especially the blogs by these fine folks


and of course,

BSB Sub 

So, if you have been following them, you knew that tonight was the big night.  (Click the link below if you have not gotten your copy of the Home Haunter DVD Collection yet, they are back in stock.... for NOW, anyways!)


And let me just say.  Zach and Jeromy did a kickass job on this award show/vlog/thing.  It was thoroughly awesome to watch!BSB What a killer way to announce the winners.  Absolute anticipation. I loved it!!  I think it should be the mandatory style of announcing the winners from now on.  (Of course, I didnt have to put in the labor to produce the video, I just watched it, haha)

OH.  And they had an amazing cast as well!  I would definitely say there is some star potential here.........



There's a green arrow pointing to the fabulous Envelope Presenter Zombie just because she was so darn awesome.  They even had Chris Baker doing the intro voice over.  Star studded, I tell ya.

If you haven't seen the video yet, you must not be home.  If for some reason you ARE home and still missed it, click on any of the screen shots above and go straight to the Bloodshed Brothers youtube.  Make sure you are wearing your diamonds. 

As for the judges - thank you.  All of us thank you for your consideration, and the time involved in such hard decisions. 

And Chris and Jeff, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, I have gushed all over both of you in the last few weeks, but it's just very touching to me, everything that you both do for the community.  Your constant encouragement to so many of us, help, generosity - the time it took to do all this, and the program that you are doing to help get these DVDs into the hands of haunters that would otherwise miss them.... it just amazes me, and I am very appreciative, and glad to call you friends.

Last but certainly not least - to the winners.  So well deserved.  I would have hated to be a judge, because my number of FAVORITES well outweighed the number of awards.  There is a lot of talent out there in our little haunting community, a lot.   Congratulations to all of the winners, your work has really paid off!  Several of the winners are folks that I talk to regularly online, and are really good people, I could not be more pleased with the results.  Well done!


I swear, this night was ALMOST as exciting as 10-31 for me - I'm still on that high from watching it 2 or 3 times.  Now I'm going to go try and wrangle the DVD set from Jayson and start over again with Disc 1, and go from there!


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