Friday, June 10, 2011

While Searching for Tombstone Inspiration...

Normally I go to my huge folder of stolen internet pictures of tombstones.... I have them categorized by shape size, there's a special folder just for interesting textures and weathering differences.  Some are from forums, some are from blog posts, some are from all of Chris Davis' holidays to the most exciting hauntish type places I could imagine....  but no matter how big the folder is, sometimes I need new meat to chew on.

I have tried every Google Image search term I can think of to get new and interesting results.  Old tombstone, crumbling gravestone, churchyard markers, old obelisks, tombstone carvings, etc.

But today I came across something I had not seen before, and after a good chuckle, knew I had to share it.


From the Sears and Roebuck catalog - I don't see a date.  But after about 5 minutes of squinting to read all that I could - I can tell ya that at $46.78 for the large column style up there, I would say that back then, they could build them out of "The World's Best Royal Blue Vermont Marble" for only slightly more than I can build them out of "Home Depot's Best Pinkish/Purple Foam" now-a-days.

Love it.


Ghoulie Girls said...

This is great!

For a stone like that today one would probably need a second mortgage. And, I have to ask, is there anything that Sears didn't sell? :D

Tay's Mache said...

I got a chuckle out of that!

I think Sears would sell ya your own mama if they owned her lol

Goneferalinidaho said...

I have a few old sears catalogs for houses. They made everything.

Pam Morris said...

lol fantastic!

FoolishCop said...

You used to be able to buy everything at Sears. Like GfinID said, you could even buy houses. That would be so cool to do today, open the catalog and buy a, wait! Gimme a big tombstone instead!



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