Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreaming of October

Is it because I want it to be Halloween? (For obvious reasons)

Is it because I want it to NOT read 111 degrees in my car?  (Like it does right now)

Is it because The Walking Dead Season 2 finally begins on October 16?  (Damn that new 4 minute preview for ComicCon, making me drool)

Yeah.... all those.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Annie Stone - WIP

Not many words today, just pictures. (Click to enlarge) The stone I have been working on for roughly 2 weeks (on and off).  Starting with the inspiration shot:


Enlarged this picture onto twenty 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of paper via  (It's free)

That's a yard stick leaning on it above.

A grave that I have been to many times, I felt it proper that her true name finally be "carved in stone", not just the Diamond Bessie name she was known as.  Her story can be found here.

I plan on the stone standing about 5.5 to 6 feet tall - it is about 4' now without a base.  I will update with pictures as I obsess progress.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Amazing Day for Jaybo and I...

No pictures here guys, but I promise, the story is worth it.  I'm kinda gushing a little, but it's truly warranted.

As most of you know, Jaybo and I are home haunters.  We put on a show in our yard - a mainly static display that is up for the month of October.   Then on the 31st, we dress up and scare a bunch of kids.  That's our hobby, and with the exception of our kids - our whole world.

On Thursday night, one of our online hero's in the haunt community, Allen Hopps of contacted us and invited us to a workshop that he was putting on yesterday.  That gave us Friday to prepare.  I quickly cleared our schedule, and made plans to bask in his knowledge.  (If you are on some of the forums, you may already know him - if not, check out his webpage, or his Youtube.)

So, yesterday morning, we get to the gathering place at 11am, for a jam packed schedule of events that would go on until 7pm that night.  The schedule looked like a College course guide, only instead of Government and Literature, it was Corpsing, Audio, Molds, etc.  The two of us were so excited we couldn't stop smiling.

We pull into the parking lot, and start seeing vehicles with the names of haunts on them.  Only instead of yard haunts, they were all Haunted Houses.  Very BIG haunted houses in the DFW metroplex, and beyond.

My mouth hung open like a little girl.  I had to stop myself from taking pictures like a tourist.

We walk in to a small room, and there they all were, the big dogs.  I suddenly felt like a tiny puppy.  LOL!  Most of them all knew each other, because this was not their first workshop by any means, they do this twice a year - come together to share ideas, tips, how to's, etc.  Oh my stars, I have died and gone to heaven.

But there were a few newbies to the group, so they did the standard, round the room introduction.  Haunted house after haunted house stood up, named their business, the members of their team that were with them, etc.  I'm not hearing any home haunters.  No one is not with a HOUSE.  I'm starting to panic - how do I stand up to THESE guys?!?

We were last, and by the time they said our names, I was intimidated SPEECHLESS.  Yeah, most of you wouldn't have recognized me, haha.  Luckily Jaybo still had the ability to form coherent words.  (err, I don't think he was as intimidated as I was, hehe)

But I cannot emphasize enough - after 8 hours of hands on demos, a structured class schedule, an evacuation by the fire department after the most amazing fog chiller I have ever seen, and a lot of laughs later - I felt like these guys were friends of mine. 

Never ever have I been more stupefied by the class, the generosity, and the fellowship of haunters.  I just never knew that the Pro Haunters (aka The big boys) were just like us home haunters in that respect.  I understand that it might not be that way in every market - but I can testify that it certainly is that way in Dallas.

Allen, you and your wife Shannon just blew me away with your kindness and hospitality.  Jaybo and I were so honored to get to visit with your group, learn from such talented individuals, and make such wonderful friends.

God bless the haunting community.  We are truly honored to be a part of it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Like A Grown Up Lab Partner

Only better.  There is nothing better than prop building with your best friend.


We have these huge metal work benches, and set them up facing each other.  So while I am busy carving tiny intricate details on a tombstone, he is usually doing who knows what. 

But he almost always has that smile on his face, and I'm just grateful to share this awesome hobby with him.  Even when we butt heads and argue, its still the greatest time in my life.

Thanks Jaybo, you make this whole thing so worth it.


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