Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreaming of October

Is it because I want it to be Halloween? (For obvious reasons)

Is it because I want it to NOT read 111 degrees in my car?  (Like it does right now)

Is it because The Walking Dead Season 2 finally begins on October 16?  (Damn that new 4 minute preview for ComicCon, making me drool)

Yeah.... all those.



and after October we can all take a short rest...relax a bit and recoup...ok, who am I kidding?

Ghoulie Girls said...

Right there with ya! I'm ready to move on to fall and that preview just made me even more antsy for TWD. Hurry up autumn!! ;)

Michelle @ Dibble Dabble Life said...

Hey there, my name is Michelle from Dibble Dabble Life blog. You let a comment on my blog about my DIY stained concrete floors asking me how they were holding up. I tried to respond then but your profile is set up so that it won't let me respond via email and I am just now remembering to do so. I don't mind filling you in on it all so if you want feel free to email me at

Also I have seen your blog before, every year we throw a huge Halloween party and I do a ton of decorations, but it could never compare to your stuff. You guys do it right and everything is amazing!! I need to start following you guys so I can stay on top of what all you do and get some great ideas from the pros!!

Ashley Holcomb said...

Kiddos & I cannot wait for the haunt this year! Averie said to tell you she won't chicken out this time!


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