Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sharing Halloween with the World

'via Blog this'
Truck Pop-up Vid video by indianaholmes - Photobucket

Ok, this just cracks me up! Now I HAVE to build on of these for my truck!

Hmmm....maybe switch out the character to reflect each holiday?

Nothing like an Easter Bunny lunging at unsuspecting motorist on Good Friday!


Kimbooly said...

A Zombie Easter Bunny!!!! I would make one but we get snow and I have no way to cover it when I'm parked. This guy has one of those sliding/locking tannuu's to save it from theft and weather.

Unknown said...

Seeing that thing jump out of the snow would be even better!

Lisa said...

I would so love to see this while sitting in traffic! I wouldn't mind the commute then!!

Unknown said...

Wassup foo! How'd the Haunt go this year? Got anything new brewing for 2012 yet?


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