Monday, November 21, 2011

Nickols Manor 2011 - Continued

And we're back!
Ooooohh! Take a look at this gorgeous stone! All hand wrought by the lovely Dixie herself in tribute to Uruk-Hai's inspirational stones! She's a looker!

Well, lookie here! Buffy's done lost her head in the Candy Cauldron. That Slayer sure does love her some candy!'s Karl again. I believe Henry must have tuckered him out. Seems he's trying to slip away for a bit.

Uhoh! That pretty lady with the angry scowl and lovely blonde hair is Matilda. Karls wife. He's so busted. Man, she's pissed!

Hey! It's Karl and Matilda's daughter Petunia and her Aunt Lily! Oooooooooo Karl was supposed to take her Trick or Treating. No wonder Matilda's pissed!

Now Matilda's got Cousin Earl and his friend Bob looking for Karl. (Bob's the reeeaaal skinny fella on the stick. Don't mention the stick, he's sensitive.)

Poor Karl. You would think after 300 years he would know better, but truth be told he didn't have much in his head even when he was alive. Dumb as a rock became actual real rocks in the head. He never had a chance.

Here comes the local graveyard patrol. It's Jack Reaper, the local Underworld official. Rumor has it that he and his brothers starred in some big Hollywood todo about some silly ring or ankle bracelet a while back. I think it had some smelly little short Halflings with hairy feet in it. Why anyone would watch drivel like that I don't know. He don't talk much, and we don't ask.

Like I said, he don't talk much. When you are over 10ft tall, and reap souls you don't have to talk. Plus, no one want's to ask him any questions. He gives me the heebie jeebies!

Well, it's getting late and I gotta get going. It was real nice visiting with you folks. Don't be a stranger. I'm Jaybo for Nickols Manor, and we'll leave the Haunt on for you.

Oh, I almost forgot! If any of you nice folks want to see a little bit more, just start up the slideshow below or go to the album here.
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