Friday, November 18, 2011

Nickols Manor 2011–Poltergeist


We decided to go with a ghostly theme this year, so first up is the star from the Poltergeist movies - Reverend Henry Kane , aka The Beast.

Say hello to the nice folks Henry. The Reverend here is a svelte 15 feet tall, the leader of a Utopian cult, and loves kids. Easy ladies, there is plenty of him to go around!

This one is a good shot of one of Dixie's new stones, plus Henry is still trying to smack the TOTs. Oops...I mean ea..whoa..uh...greet the lovely children?

Here is the view the TOTs have while walking up our sidewalk. Henry really likes TOTS! (usuallywithlotsofcheese)

Here we have a picture of Henry's wingman Karl. These two just love raising cane. Did you see what I did there? I crack me up!

Stay tuned folks! The party just getting started. We'll be back in another post soon!

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