Friday, November 18, 2011

Nickols Manor 2011–Poltergeist


We decided to go with a ghostly theme this year, so first up is the star from the Poltergeist movies - Reverend Henry Kane , aka The Beast.

Say hello to the nice folks Henry. The Reverend here is a svelte 15 feet tall, the leader of a Utopian cult, and loves kids. Easy ladies, there is plenty of him to go around!

This one is a good shot of one of Dixie's new stones, plus Henry is still trying to smack the TOTs. Oops...I mean ea..whoa..uh...greet the lovely children?

Here is the view the TOTs have while walking up our sidewalk. Henry really likes TOTS! (usuallywithlotsofcheese)

Here we have a picture of Henry's wingman Karl. These two just love raising cane. Did you see what I did there? I crack me up!

Stay tuned folks! The party just getting started. We'll be back in another post soon!


Mr. Macabre said...

Uh, I bet you had a LOT of candy left over the next day! The good Reverend's 'whispyness', is that movement or fog or just a slight split in the veil between our world and the dead? Looks so cool!

Deathtouch said...

I love that big ghost. You know I do. LOL

wicKED said...

Seriously.. how many kids turned away from that ghost ;)

Dave the Dead said...

Great prop, and the stones are top-notch.

William Bezek said...

Nicely done you guys! Looks just like the film prop.

Paul said...

How did you build Henry?

Does it move at all or is it strictly static?

Unknown said...

Does anyone need any candy? We seem to have a rather large pile of excess treats. LOL!

Thanks for the compliments guys! Henry scared quite a few guys on the big night. We had to coax the TOTs up the walk with glow sticks and personal escorts.

Henry is a static prop, but he sways very nicely in the wind. It gives the illusion that he is really moving on his own. It would not be hard at all to add a wiper motor to cause him to sway a little more. This would be especially effective if the motor was on a delay or triggered. Hmmm...I'm thinking a Frightprops Picovolt and BooBox would be a great combination for control of this prop. I didn't have time this year to make it happen, but this idea is definitely on this list for next year. We are switching themes, so will have to see how to blend this into the new theme.

Lisa said...

Henry is very awesome! I can only imagine the TOTers reactions!

Pam Morris said...

fantastic ghost. would love to have seen this guy in actuality and would love to have seen the kids' reactions to this guy as well! beautiful haunt.

suzanne said...

Fantastic ghost! Love the photographs!

Ghoul Friday said...

I'm late commenting but it looked awesome! I can only imagine what it was like in person. Great work ;)


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