Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Corpse Chronicles: Extra Juicy edition

It’s a good thing I’m a manly Man and would never stoop to such girly things as squealing or chattering incessantly, because the progress on my Mache Corpse has shifted into high gear and would cause lesser men to breakdown.

No you see, I am much more calm and level headed and would never let the success or failure of a prop affect me in anyway whatsoever. I just soldier on and let what happens happen. Another day, another prop. Keep moving. Keep building. Keep it real.

“Keep it real?!?”  Did I seriously just say that?!?

Ok, even I'm not buying this crap and I’m the one saying it.

I am having so much fun building this prop! I’ve been like a hyperactive 8 year old off his Ritalin, mainlining pure sugar, and heading to the point of no return for the last two days!

In my last post I wanted to try to corpse using just mache instead of liquid latex like everyone else seems to be doing.  I left off here:


This was only supposed to be a small little experiment so that I could take it to our local Make and Take for comparison. It’s taking a life of it’s own now. I keep wanting to add more and more. I’ve repainted this thing a 1000 times. Each time I have come to a stopping point, I return 20 minutes later and either add or completely redo what I just finished. If anything, I am gaining LOTS of experience with this build. I’ll just touch on the highlights of what I did. Otherwise, this post would be longer than War & Peace.

Well, after the last post I continued to add unrolled cotton balls with the mache paste until I thought it looked decent. I probably could have added more, but I didn’t want to over do it at this point. I soaked two cotton balls and placed them in the eye sockets as…well…um…as eyes. I then spray painted the entire prop solid black.

Are you getting my good side?  SMOKING!!

After he was painted black, I dry brushed the entire prop with white latex paint. Once dry, I started going back over the prop with Mahogany wood stain. He was starting to look pretty good, but something was still missing. I lost a lot of the details when I applied the stain. So  while the stain was still damp, I made a wash with sage green acrylic paint and water. About a 1:1 ratio of paint and water. I started lightly applying the wash over the mahogany.

Hey! That's me over there!Wow! That's a good looking guy over there! You two are idiots!

Ooooo! This I like!

This guy is finally starting to look like a respectable member of the Zombie Nation. I kept adding the wash a little at a time. Slowly he started to change. Now he looks like this:


I should stop at this point, but I am already wanting to go back and add yellow highlights! No telling where that will lead.  Is there a 12 step program for Prop addiction?  One day at a time. Say it with me, “One. Day. At. A. Time.”  Maybe with a little help we can all get through this.

So, I’ve added a few side by side comparisons below so you can see the change overtime.


I'm angry and naked! I'm forlorn and incomplete!  I'm Billy Bad Ass and I will EAT YOUR SOUL!

Oh and the squealing like a girl and talking incessantly part?

I lied.

Dixie says only dogs can hear me.



Anonymous said...

"Only dogs can hear you right now".... yep, SO TRUE.

Looking fabulous, love... I'm glad I get to watch him being made every night, elsewise, he would scare me! :)

suzanne said...

Looks great! Green is his colour :)

aSmarterU said...

Hey, that turned out great!

Ghoul Friday said...

THAT looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Great work.

William Bezek said...

Yummy Corpse! You two are my kind of folks!

Anonymous said...

Muppet Zombies!!!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I grovel at your talented, zombie filled greatness.


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