Wednesday, September 29, 2010 DIY Haunts

Looks like Make: is running their Annual Halloween Animatronic contest. We need some tech heads from the community to step up and win this thing. We can't have a non-Haunter winning! DIY Haunts


Ghoul Friday said...

Sadly, MAKE decided to only allow American entires a couple years ago. I'd gotten an honourable mention in the general prop contest (won a t-shirt & stickers!), was ready to come back guns a blazing the next year, and was saddened to find the contest closed to Canadians :(

Unknown said...

Well, that sucks! MAKE is always preaching about sharing ideas and working with others, so it's a surprise that they have limited the scope of their contest to just the U.S. If you ever want to enter just let me know and I'll be your proxy.


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