Monday, November 1, 2010

364 More Days, eh?

Happy New Year, right?  Planning for 2011 starts today.

For me, planning began last night around 1am.  Sitting across the street, smack dab on the sidewalk - in our costumes, because our feet hurt so bad, staring at the panoramic view of our haunt. 


Just staring at it…. Saying things such as:  I like this…. I like that…. need more of this…. need more of that… take that mess out completely, and wouldn’t it look cool if we had a big huge one of those right about there.

You know the drill, right?

We got the kids off to school this morning, just a few hours after we finally got to bed ourselves, and today is resting, and planning the 2010 take down.  We took today off to put everything away, but still need more pictures, so it will stay up a few more days.  Which is good, I don’t think either of us could move if we wanted to!

What is up with that?  I know I just turned 39 last week, but that’s not old!  I think we pushed ourselves way too hard since Thursday night, trying to get more and more and more done.  We didnt eat a bite yesterday, rushing around, it felt chaotic, like our wedding day. 

The only thing I don’t understand.  We plan all year.  We have sketches of the “finalized haunt” for positions, etc.  We scheme, we makes lists and discuss every little detail…. yet…

Every year, we spend the last 4 days like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to ADD this and add that.  Never satisfied, always looking for just this or that extra little detail.

I guess I need to buy less food that needs to be cooked for the last 4 days of next year, and more Power Bars, lol.

Pictures coming soon in a Jaybo post, I’m sure.

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