Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shameless Promotion for Chance to Win DC Prop Building Books…..



Not that I really need a chance to win something awesome to promote something I really like… and Hauntcast is something that I really like.

If you have been locked in your garage making props, and unaware of anything that goes on around you, allow me to tell you a bit about HC.

It’s a podcast, put on BY haunt enthusiasts FOR haunt enthusiasts.  If you are a member of the forums, you will automatically recognize the names that go into the production – such as DJChrisb, Revenant, Johnny Thunder, and The Garage of Evil guys.  (Everyone knows how I feel about GoE, one of the first draws for me!)  And Chris has some amazing prop building talent, and is a frequent poster with some great tutorials on a forum or two.

But about the show….  they run about an hour to an hour and a half, roughly once a month, and are a total blast to listen to in the garage while you are working on props.  Some of the items featured in every show:

    • Chris Baker interviewing so many of MY haunt idols (and maybe yours too) such as Stolloween, Jeff & Chris Davis of Davis Graveyard, Ghostess Deanna, The Mitchells of “How to Haunt Your House” fame, and Brent Ross from DC Cemetery.  It is a thrill for me to hear the voices of so many superstars in the haunting community.
    • ‘News from Beyond’ and ‘Theater of the Mind’ from Revenant.  Boy, I listen to Rev recite the phone book and be happy – but maybe thats just a girl thing. 
    • Movie Reviews and a lot of laughs from Johnny Thunder
    • Letters to the Garage with the GoE guys – hilarious.  Put your paint brush down for this segment
    • Hauntcast Top 10

There’s cool Halloween music in between segments, which really put you in the mood to work, info on what the newest stuff in the industry, including conventions and such… and just too much to list here.  You really need to listen to it.

I personally listen to old ones on my Google phone, you can on your iPod, or your Blackberry, watch tutorials on their YouTube Channel, or even listen to it on your computer while YOU are working.  Its become an absolute tradition in our household!

If you are already a fan, and have a blog, you can also post some Hauntcast promotion for a chance to win..  If you do, send a link to your blog post to, the winners will be chosen Tuesday, July 28. 

*And if you win, can I come over to your house and LOOK at the prize?  :D


Deathtouch said...

No fair. I wanted to win. I also hired Las Vegas show girls to dance with hauntcast logo on their heads.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Ah, Davis Graveyard loves it too! We played it all day through our Tombstone making class....he has at least 10 new listeners as of today! Keep supporting the cause.

Good luck. I hope you win the books DC does GREAT work.



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