Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Huge Thanks to Monster Guts!


One of my favorite places on the web is the forums of Garage of Evil.  If you are not a member, but like hanging out online with serious prop builders, then you might want to check it out Here.

Well, recently, we outgrew our garage at GoE and we needed funds to keep the Evil going…  and one of my favorite places for prop parts, Monster Guts, came to the rescue.


Monster Guts is now an official supporter of Garage of Evil, and I rushed to place my Thank You order.  If you happen to place an order with them in the next few days, please add a note of thanks as a member of the Haunting Community… its organizations like them that keep us all connected.

Find lots of goodies at Monster Guts here.


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Wow, I am gone for a few days and look what happens!!! Oh my! I am a new GOE member and I love it. I will definately find something I need from them as a "thank you"

And, thank you, for bringing this to my attention. I really apperciate it.


ShellHawk said...

I have bought from them for this season's evil doings. What a great experience! I liked them so much, I posted about them, too!
Rock on, Monster Guts!

PumpkinBrain said...

Monster Guts are really cool. I bought stuff from them two times this year for this season's evil doings and my two experience with them was flawless. I should take a look to become a member of GOE soon.

Thanks for sharing!


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