Friday, April 16, 2010


So things have been pretty busy around the Manor lately, but not in the Halloween sort of way. I’ve been feeling very anxious as of late because the blog has been neglected, no new props have been built, I’ve missed like a million Make and Take meetings (ok, maybe two or three actually), and all of our blog and forum friends think we’ve died or fallen off the face of the earth!

So, I’m a little stressed out about a hobby I love and enjoy so much. Feel like I’m letting people down. Then I get this in my email at work from my beautiful, loving, and understanding wife:



This is like seeing the first flower of spring or the first snowfall of the winter. When Dixie starts thinking this way and put’s pen to paper, that’s the first sign of the Prop Season! My favorite season of the year!

Can’t wait for this weekend to get started!


Dave the Dead said...

Ok, so that is NOT FAIR! I love my wife too, but she merely tolerates my Halloween obsession. I could never get her help out with the yard layout!


Mr. Macabre said...

Agreed! My spouse does NOT understand my hobby and the best I get is an eye roll!

Unknown said...

At least you guys have carte blanche when it comes to the haunt! I'll sell you ringside seats the next time we try to decide on a new theme!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thats just awesome. Showing off my mad LACK of SketchUp skills! Pencil? Paper? My methods are as old fashioned as my costume.

Alas, Chris has me ready to start making some graves, LOL!

Deathtouch said...

I loved my wife so much I divorced her. Of course she wasn't as great as yours.

Sam McDaniel said...

who can i join a haunt group, to do a Make in take?

Unknown said...

Well, it all depends on where you are located. Best thing is to check out the forums (,, and see if there is a group in your area. If not, just post to the forum looking for people in your area. Our small group is active on Haunt Forum, if you are located in our area.


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