Saturday, March 7, 2009

Theme…. argh.

So, last year was our first year to REALLY get into our yard haunt hard core.  It was simple… kicked out a bunch of tombstones, a couple of ground breakers, pumpkins, assorted spooky dudes, etc… and threw them all out in the yard.  Scared some kiddies.  Looked forward to the next year.

We called it Nickols Manor.  We boarded up the windows of our house, and tried to make it look old and run down.  I wore a historic period dress, as if I were the ghost of the Manor.  Jayson was a haunted pumpkin, straight from the pumpkin patch.

Looking back on it, I wondered – who would expect an entire front yard of an old house to be taken up with a cemetery?  And why is there crate in the front yard with a monster (MIB) trying to jump out at people?  Oh, yes, a Grim Reaper pumpkin man ALWAYS stands at the front door of abandoned houses, waiting to scare people that happen to walk upon it.

So this year, I’m already over complicating it.  I want realism.  I want to try and recreate the feeling of walking up to an abandoned house, the anticipation of what will jump out at you… rather than having it all *out there*… in your face, so to speak.

Darkness frightens me when I don’t know what’s coming, so we are considering keeping part of the yard without lights, and then using LED spots to light up a motion detected prop as it “jumps out”…  try to make the HOUSE an actual character in the haunt, and make better use of the windows, roof, etc.  Just trying to be real, and see if we can get the same scare.  I don’t know if it can be done, because we can’t even make it work out on paper – but thats what we are working on tonight.

Til then, here’s the props we are working on….

1st Of March 036Well, here’s my cauldron so far…. which will most likely be cut from the plan this year… haha, figures.  I will still finish it for next year, maybe.  Depends on how it looks, it might just end up in the trash!

1st Of March 037I’m making paper mache forms for the candles that most people make with PVC… will see how this works too – total experiment, and an effort to not have to buy anything from Lowe’s (pvc) right now

And of course more pumpkins… always need pumpkins. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, will talk to you soon! 

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