Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Lots Damaged Statue Score!

Well, I  missed the big sale on Garden Statuary at Big Lots – it ended on Saturday, and I just wasn’t able to get over there.  This morning, Jayson and I were out running errands on his day off, and decided to stop in, there was an angel from there that I have seen in several forum threads, and I just wanted to SEE her.  She is originally priced at $35 bucks, but with the sale, people were getting her for $23….  I did not intend to pay full price for her, but heck, what can you loose just walking around Big Lots?

I did find the angel – there was only one of her left, and much to my happy surprise, she was damaged… pretty good, actually.

330 004 330 001 330 002 330 003

This was the only area of damage, the rest of her was perfect.

So after walking around the store, and finding some pretty good landscape fabric at $5 for a 50’ roll (good for the boarded window effect, and just about anything you want to “black out”) I asked the manager if there could be a discount for the angel, since she was damaged.  He let us have her for $17 bucks, and I was happy as a clam!

Now, what to do with her?  My thought was to put some monster mud around the area to strengthen it, and stop the cracking, or loosing any more pieces, but leaving the existing cracks and 2 holes… then paint to age it, and let it appear as an old broken statue.  I think Jayson might be thinking on how to fill in the holes….

What do you think we should do with her?

Hope you are all having a great Monday!  Talk to you soon :)


Diane said...

awesome find!

i think you should fill in the holes but leave the cracks. then distress the heck out of her!

suzanne said...

I think I would leave the holes and cracks. Adds to the charm:)

Ghoul Friday said...

I agree with HS. If she won't fall apart on you, leave the holes and cracks. So many haunters work hard to make realistic ones and here you have some ready made. Reinforce it if you have to, but I really like the holes.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Great find. I do agree with everyone else.....leave it. It is the small details that all the difference. Can hardly wait to see the finished project!


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