Monday, April 6, 2009

New Halloween Forum

There is a brand spanking new Halloween forum on the scene called Twisted Nightmares. Not a lot of content as of yet, but a great bunch of people running the board. Drop in and help them out. Oh, and make sure to check out the chat room in the evening. Lots of good natured banter going on! Tell Bear and Kid that Jaybo sent you.


Twisted Nightmares


UPDATE: Sorry guys, the only thing up at the site right now is the forum. Like I said, this is a brand new website. There are a few dead links on the site because they have not fleshed out the whole site yet. I have changed the links in this post to take you directly to the forum.


Diane said...

looks like the site is down right now... :(

Unknown said...

Sorry Diane! They only have the forum up at the moment and I linked to the main page for the website. There are some dead links on the main page, so I've changed the links to point to the forum. They plan on adding more to the site, but wanted to get the forum up first so that people could talk. They have spent a monster amount of their free time getting this site up and running. Most of the people on the board all know each other from other Halloween forums on the net. We need new blood on the board, so give it a shot! Definitely check out chat in the evening. Not much Halloween chat in the evening, but a lot of characters.


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