Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annabel Lee

No, I didn’t forget that I had a blog, although it seems that way!  I spent a week in Las Vegas, started a new job that takes the word “stress” to a whole new level, and booked a Disney vacation for September with all the stupid dinner reservations that must accompany such an event.  Whew, that was one hella run-on sentence, and pretty much explains my last 6 weeks or so.

Right before I left for Vegas, we attended a Make/Take in Lewisville, Tx where we all decided to make a Shiatsu Grave Popper dude.  Originally a thread from Halloween Forums Prop Builders Group, Dave (DaveInTheGrave) gave step by step instructions for everyone to follow along. 

Jayson, being the mechanically inclined person that he is (thank the stars for that, because I am not) made the grave popper guy, which I’m sure after he sees this post, will update with details.

I on the other hand, could have cared less for tearing up a perfectly good $6 Goodwill massager, and concentrated on a new stone for our lil massager guy. 


Handy graph paper, planning the stone.

Favorite Poem, Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.  Had to memorize it in Seventh Grade English, and have loved it ever since. 

Birth and Death date – that of Virginia Eliza Clemm-Poe, his first wife, who I romantically believe the poem is written about.

Annabel Lee66

Carving is done, wood filler texture applied, ready for paint.  Why it looks crooked, I don’t know.

Size: 34”x29”x4”

Annabel Lee991 002

Seven layers of Teeny Tiny 1/2” Texas Foamboard (UGH!)

This is Annabel Lee.

Lone Update 006

Annabel Lee99 008

Side view, before the lettering was “aged”.

Lone Update 008


I’m sure Jayson will be along in the next few days to talk about his skull guy, and whatever else he plans to do with it.  But at least I have my latest work up here now!

How many more days til October 1st?!?!  AAAARGH!

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