Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bear or a Grasshopper?

Have your kids ever played that game… something that goes along the lines of…. “who would win… a ninja or a zombie?”  Well, duh.  A zombie!

Well, here we had the battle between a Bear and a Grasshopper.  Who’s tougher?  Who’s meaner?  Who won the contest?


There will be NOOOOOOO living with the man now.  He has officially bested me at a contest.  Whooped my ass on the internet.

Five minutes ago, I heard, “Make dinner for the WINNER, Woman!”  He should have pounded his chest for effect.  HAHAHAHA

What on earth ever possessed me to compete with my husband, anyways?!?!?!  lol.


Congratulations Jayson!!!!


Diane said...

friendly competition turns not so friendly, huh? lol! well, congrats to jayson! what did you have to cook him?

Ghoul Friday said...

I contest the outcome. The grasshopper is spry, quick and has loads of weapons.



Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Oh no, you are in that "husband won" space. I hate it there....I feel for you. I really do. :D

BTW - just saw your GOE button on the blog....how do I get one of those shinny things!?


Unknown said...

Frog Queen - Look on the bottom right hand corner of the GoE main page. You will see a link that says "Get Badge".

GF - Nothing can withstand the awesome might of the infamous Scare Bear Stare! The sharp bloody claws and thick hide don't hurt either.

Diane - She refuses to acknowledge my superior skills and insists "You can make your own **** dinner!" I ate PB&J. Even when I win, I lose. :D

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ah. That made my day. I just love you guys!!!


Scare Bear devours all that dare cross it's path...sorry but all grasshoppers must now cower in fear...I would have paid to watch the battle on pay per view :) All hail Scare Bear


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