Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bear or a Grasshopper?

Have your kids ever played that game… something that goes along the lines of…. “who would win… a ninja or a zombie?”  Well, duh.  A zombie!

Well, here we had the battle between a Bear and a Grasshopper.  Who’s tougher?  Who’s meaner?  Who won the contest?


There will be NOOOOOOO living with the man now.  He has officially bested me at a contest.  Whooped my ass on the internet.

Five minutes ago, I heard, “Make dinner for the WINNER, Woman!”  He should have pounded his chest for effect.  HAHAHAHA

What on earth ever possessed me to compete with my husband, anyways?!?!?!  lol.


Congratulations Jayson!!!!

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