Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Killer Grasshopper?

So Twisted Nightmares just had a prop contest in which you had to come up with your idea of a “Twisted Nightmare”.

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS I hate bugs, roaches and grasshoppers in particular.  So, I came up with the most twisted nightmare I could possibly conceive, without having to make a roach.  (EWWwWWW!  Roaches!!)

The Killer Grasshopper:

TwistedNightmareContest 054

TwistedNightmareContest 062

TwistedNightmareContest 060 

TwistedNightmareContest 056






TwistedNightmareContest 033

Papier mache and clay on a coat hanger armature.

Knife and axe blade – cardboard and tin foil with bamboo skewer handles.

Chainsaw – 1/2” foam carved to shape, popsicle stick base w/tin foil.

Lots of ways to KILL, and lots of nightmares to come. 

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