Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Killer Grasshopper?

So Twisted Nightmares just had a prop contest in which you had to come up with your idea of a “Twisted Nightmare”.

Anyone that knows me, KNOWS I hate bugs, roaches and grasshoppers in particular.  So, I came up with the most twisted nightmare I could possibly conceive, without having to make a roach.  (EWWwWWW!  Roaches!!)

The Killer Grasshopper:

TwistedNightmareContest 054

TwistedNightmareContest 062

TwistedNightmareContest 060 

TwistedNightmareContest 056






TwistedNightmareContest 033

Papier mache and clay on a coat hanger armature.

Knife and axe blade – cardboard and tin foil with bamboo skewer handles.

Chainsaw – 1/2” foam carved to shape, popsicle stick base w/tin foil.

Lots of ways to KILL, and lots of nightmares to come. 


suzanne said...

Those extra legs really come in handy for holding weapons! It looks great! Bugs (the crunchy hard-shelled kind) rank high on my list of fears as well :)

Mr. Macabre said...

Yep, that would definately constitute the main character in a nightmare. Have him hold a slug sandwich with heavy mayo and you have the gross factor in there as well.

aSmarterU said...

Eeeeew is right! LOL ... very well done!

Ghoul Friday said...

Seriously...I LOVE this. And like you, I HATE grasshoppers.

Awesome. He needs to stay out all year. Actually, can you send him here around October? I'll send him back in November. Thanks ;)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Okay, grasshoppers don't scare me that much.....but that is creepy. You might have made me afraid of grasshoppers now!!! You are so evil!! :D

Did I mention I like evil?


The Captain said...

He's terrific, how tall is he, its hard to tell? I like the color and the paint job of his body, looks like it has texture. Very cool, only thing worse would have been if he had a roach side-kick.

Diane said...

hahaha he's great!!!!!!


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