Friday, January 30, 2009

Frank: An Exercise in Newbie Monster Making

This is Part I of III….  Sorry there are no pictures, I had an SD Card flake out on me, and the shots I took at the beginning of this process are just gone… *poof*

This is my interpretation of a Ground breaker with Blue Eyes… thus he is known as Frank.  (Frank Sinatra = Ol’ Blue Eyes, for the youngsters out there!)

This picture will have to do for now, it’s several steps ahead, but at least you can picture what I’m doing here in the beginning… (Ignore the pumpkin in the bucket… different project!)

Halloween2 002Click for larger view

Materials I used:

Medium sized box for torso (I used a large double pack cereal box, like from Sams)

A store bought skull – the cheaper the better

Paper towels & Plastic grocery sacks for stuffing

Twine for hair, Coat hanger for hands

Soda cans and Cardboard tubes from Paper towel roll for arms

Eye balls (ping pong balls)

A Lot of masking tape & Duct tape, and newspaper

Paper Mache paste, paper mache clay, paint and sealer

Shaping Frank:  Turned out to be the most important part of the process, and the part where I totally failed.  Mine turned out to look just like a cereal box with a head stuck on it.  (As you can see in the photo above)  Learn from my mistakes!  :)

Next time, I will definitely cut off some of the box at the top corners of the box, rather than just continuing to cover it in with stuffing to “soften the edges”… my way just made him end up looking like a hunchback.

Torso: Cover the box with paper towels, grocery sacks, or whatever you have around the house to give him some meat on his box… err, bones.  Tape the pieces of stuffing to the box to hold firmly in place.  If you cut the corners to round them out, cover with duct tape to fill the holes.

frank arms For the arms, I started with 1 soda can for each side, and taped them directly under the shoulder, since his arms would be low to the ground.  I tried hot glue at first but that was just a waste of 5 minutes, and ended up making a sling of sorts with the duct tape… running it under the can, and back up to his shoulders, then taping from the top.  They held – really well.

Did I mention that I use Gorilla Tape, from the makers of Gorilla Glue, and if my husband ever leaves me, I’m marrying this stuff – its the BEST.

Taped paper towel tubes to the ends of the coke cans, tapering at the ends (wrists) with tape to make something of a cone shape.   Fleshed it out with more paper towels.

To be continued…

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