Saturday, January 31, 2009

What’s In A Name?

Jayson and I have been naming all of our props.  Even the small ones.  Silly as though it may seem (and will get harder to remember all of our “children’s” names as we continue to add each year) it really gives meaning to something that you work so hard on for days or weeks (or months if you get lazy in between like me!)

I am honored to introduce you to Penelope….    Penelope Pumpkin.  Must have come from my love of Penelope Pittstop. 

Click any photos for a larger view.

Halloween thru Christmas 2008 018I guess drying on an unpainted grave is not exactly the way to do it, eh?

 Halloween thru Christmas 2008 031Following Stolloween's detailed instructions, painted her black (it wasn’t until I took these pictures that I could actually “see” the spots I missed”

Halloween thru Christmas 2008 035and then the dry brushing.. Which I *really* loved her at this stage, and may leave one of this years at this stage.

Halloween thru Christmas 200822 042 

And all finished.  I’m not happy with the weird stalk, and Jayson thinks she needs a nose… but I’m ok with her being my first – I will practice a lot more this year!


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Beautiful, I love Penelope...and I think she looks great without a nose, it make her very unique.

Great job!

Ghoul Friday said...

Always nice to see the work of a fellow papier mache-er!

Grim said...

Looks good just like it is!


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