Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frank: Part II

I just realized I left the hot glue gun and glue sticks off of the Materials list… you will need it for his fingernails, as well as gluing his hair on (if you so choose to have hair!)

His hands came next, and I got the idea for this from Spooky Blue.  I followed the instructions there for both the hands and the hot glue fingernails… (I just painted Franks nails a nice marsh colored green)

According to Spooky Blue’s instructions, here’s what I did:  Take a piece of corrugated cardboard and place it over the palm of your hand so that the corrugated lines are running vertically (up and down).  Trace a rough shape of your own hand.  (I used my hubby’s hands as mine were too small for the mean Frank!)

Frank Hands

Snip coat hanger wires about 3 inches longer than your own (or your models) finger.  That 3 inches will be sticking in the cardboard for stability.  If you want long icky fingers, cut to desired length, leaving some to fit inside the cardboard.  Once you have all of the fingers cut to size, carefully place them in the “slots” of the corrugated hand piece.  The thumb is the only one that gave me a bit of trouble, placing it at an angle.  If you go through the cardboard, its ok, you are about to cover it anyway.


Frank Hands2 Once fingers are in, take a piece of duct tape and place it flat across the hand where the fingers meet the cardboard.  Press the wire into the tape for a good seal, then wrap the ends around.  I then cut between the bottoms of the fingers and wrapped around the bottom of the finger, for a good hold and to hide the excess tape.  Once all fingers are secure, take the cardboard piece and gently fold it inwards, as if it were grasping an object.  This should make the tape on the underside of the hand form a “cave” of sorts… stuff that with a bit of paper towel or newspaper. 

Begin to flesh it out – wrap with paper towels and tape again, or glue on some cotton ball knuckles, just play around with it til it looks like you want it to.

Once I had them shaped, I slipped the hand onto the arm, which at that place was the paper towel tube shaped with tape into a cone at the end.  I stuffed the cone into the paper towel stuffing that I used to fill the “cave” in the underside of the hand.  Glued with hot glue when I had found a good spot, and they were very stable.

Halloween2 009 Neck:  I started with a normal neck, (a Solo plastic cup and clay) and it just looked bad… Jayson suggested making a really long neck… but the clay had already dried on my plastic cup, so I tried adding to it with clay.  It just kept getting worse, haha.  I think this method would have been fine (the cup) had I not had such a BOX shape for my torso.  Just play with it, you’ll get it right!  I ended the top of the neck with a little cone shape, which my skull sat on.  It fit well, and when glued down would be really stable.  Not ready for glue now though, Frank remains headless ;)

Last installment, coming up!

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