Saturday, January 31, 2009

~Link Time~

As I mentioned in my first post, there would be few props we had tried without the very talented Halloween online community.  Intermittently we will be adding some of our favorite links that have helped us so much… hopefully they can help someone else that is just starting out.

The links in this particular section are the ones I have bookmarked in the “General” folder – that means they are considered part of my DIY Haunt BIBLE… they have wonderful specific projects, but really, they are the ones that I poured over for hours, just trying to soak up general techniques.

Of course, I have already mentioned two of my personal favorites in previous posts - Spooky Blue, and Stolloween, and here are the rest:

Raven Manor

Terror Syndicate

Howloweenqueen - The Ghostess

and the following 3 are huge pages of links that are categorized for easy access to whatever project you need ideas/help with.

Haunt Project

The Monster List

Haunters Hangout

In the next “Link Time” I will list some project specific pages that were of great help to me.

It is with the great works of the artists above, and their commitment that many of us are able to even get started… so I hope these links can help someone just starting out!

Link Time Thanks

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