Friday, January 1, 2010


That title looks like binary, doesn’t it?  This 2010 stuff is just freaking me out.  Where’s our rocket ship cars, and our robot maid’s? 

On this first day of the year, I wanted to make a short post, no tutorials, or pictures…. no Prop do’s and don’ts….

I wanted to thank every single person that has become a follower of our little space on the web… I know how precious time is, and I am truly honored that you take even a moment from your day to read what Jayson and I have written.

I have said it many times, and I really believe this – the haunt community has some of the most kind and creative, talented and MacGuyver-Like people I have ever had the opportunity to be around.  Thank you for everything you have taught me in 2009, and know that I am looking so forward to spending 2010 with you.

Happy New Year!


Diane said...

i was asking the same thing! where's all the cool stuff from the jetsons????

hope you guys have a super new year!

William Bezek said...

Happy New Year, I have enjoyed finding your blog and look forward to more fun posts.

aSmarterU said...

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing more projects from you guys! :)

Mr. Macabre said...

Hey, I feel like I should be thanking you for the inspiration and ideas!
Happy New Year and Happy Haunting!

Ghoul Friday said...

Happy New Year :) If you get your robot maid before I do, I will be SO jealous.

Unknown said...

I want my damn jetpack! Somebody lied to me. I'm supposed to be soaring through the clouds and living on a supercool spacestation by now. Instead I've got my feet stuck to the cold, muddy, ground and my head stuck in the clouds! sigh.

Anonymous said...

"my feet stuck to the cold, muddy, ground and my head stuck in the clouds"

Hahaha, yep, that's my Honey. :)

Johnny Love said...

Happy New Year!

Johnny Love

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Happy New year to you!!! Here is to Halloween 2010!!!



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