Sunday, January 24, 2010


You might have noticed that I (being Dawn) have been a little scarce lately.  Well, just humor me and ACT like you noticed that.  ;)

I started a new girlie blog of my very own, because believe it or not, I really like decorating my home in bright vibrant colors, and I rarely (ok never) get to talk about that on this blog.  Jayson would kill me and use me as a prop in the haunt if I did that.

So, I have been putting some time into getting my new blog up and running, the web design of it all has taken longer than the posts themselves!

wacky3 789x303 border descript

Not that any of you would be remotely interested, but the page is called Wacky Whimsy and can be found here.  (Well, except for Frog Queen, who, bless her heart, was my first non-family member follower, LOL  Thank you for that!)

Jayson told me this morning (in a voice that screamed “traitor!”) that since I have all but quit posting on NickolsManor lately, that I should just combine the two and call it Wacky Manor.  I died laughing.

We would be the only blog in the (short) history of blogging to lose every one of their followers in one day.  So don’t worry, he was just joking.  Just know that I’m still here, just a bit scarce for a bit.

Happy Sunday, hope it is fairly warm where you are!

Oh, and….. GO SAINTS!  (sorry, had to say it!)

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Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Whacky Manor! I would so follow that blog!! :D



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