Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anyone Else in the Planning Stages??


When it’s too cold outside to even BE in the garage,

And paint wouldn’t dry even if you begged it to…

Then it’s time best spent Planning…. Scheming…. Devising.

So I found the COOLEST website called Incompetech that allows you to print graph paper.

What’s so fabulous about that?

This particular site lets you customize your graph paper, and allows you to save as .pdf form to print now or later, as your heart desires.

Square graph papers, Triangles and Hexagons, Circular and Polar, Asymmetrical and Specialty Graph Papers, and as you are about to read, my favorite: Writing pages.

Choose how many squares to an inch, the color of the lines, etc.  But that’s not all.  (I sound like the ShamWow guy, eh?)

As shown in the links above, they have many different shapes for graph paper, which I’m not smart enough to know why you would need those, but it was this little baby that got me all excited:


Yes, that’s a tiny picture, but I still can’t figure out how to embed a picture of a .pdf file, and I refuse to look like an idiot taking a picture of my laptop screen. 

It’s found in the Writing category, under Cornell Graph.

The page lets you customize the layout of your page – how much graph paper, how much blank space for notes, where the blocks are located on the page, etc. 

I think this is just awesome for sketching out your prop on one side, and putting notes about how to build it, or what colors, epitaphs or motors, or whatEVER!   

I can already see printing out a stack of these and putting them in a 3 ring binder for my prop planner. 

I hope this is of use to SOMEONE… and if so, then have fun making your very own prop planner!


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I so hear you! We are working on our video and when we should be making edits we are taking pages of notes of things for this year!

Cool site, thanks for sharing.


Diane said...


this will come in handy! thanks!!

aSmarterU said...

Very nice find!

Thanks for sharing. I know I'll be printing out a bunch of pages.

suzanne said...

Good idea. Definitely beats scribbling on pieces of note paper :D

William Bezek said...

Happy planning....but let me tell you cold Missy: I was trying to spray paint yesterday but the paint was freezing as it came out of the can and just bounced off like colored was 5 degrees, fun times.

Anonymous said...

Damn Will! Paint freezing as it came out of the can??!? Thats just unnatural to be that cold!

You need to get your ass inside and print some graph paper by a blazing fire or something, HAHA!

Terra said...

Okay, that link is helpful!!!!


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