Sunday, February 1, 2009

Garage Sales…

Garage Sale Props Green

I like to go to garage sales.   Finding an arm full of stuff for $3 just makes my skirt fly up!  This section of posts will include an item bought at a garage sale and turned into a prop.  Maybe it will give people ideas when they happen by a sale in the neighborhood.

This one is pretty obvious.  But the best part of it was, it cost me a bright shiny quarter.  Find of the day for me! 

Halloween thru Christmas 2008 200I obviously forgot to take a picture of it right after I bought it.  I will remember to do that from now on (err, what was I supposed to be remembering?)  Anyways… in its “found in a yard sale” state, it was slightly bent, and solid brass or fake gold finish or something… Not pretty.

Bent it the best I could, and primer and 2 coats of flat black Kilz later, it looked like the picture above.

Halloween thru Christmas 2008 202                                                          Click for Detail

A bit of brown paint sponged on, and I had something that I could deal with.



Old Garage Sale Wall Sconce – 25 cents

Drop of brown paint size of a walnut – err, 25 cents?

Two Icky Finger candles that melted RED that the kids LOVED – Priceless.

(I know, the Master Card thing is SO overdone, but I couldn’t help myself!)

Halloween thru Christmas 2008 209


      Halloween thru Christmas 2008 468 

                              Happy Garage Sale Hunting!


Diane said...

ooh yea those candles are so coool! lol

good work. i love garage sales too!

suzanne said...

Great prop! I love yard/garage sales as well but I think I'll have to wait a while since all the yards around me are covered in snow with more falling as I write this. Ah well . . . soon :)


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