Friday, February 27, 2009

Death of Jack?

Ok, just a short video of me trying to figure out how to store Jack. Ultimately, I had to tear him apart.

But I’m actually excited because now I can rebuild him even better than last year!


Anonymous said...

"You're messing with my art"... haha, thats my favorite line.

Ghoul Friday said...

Lol this video is a perfect illustration of 20/20 haunter hindsight (speaking of sight, I'm glad you're feeling better Jayson). It's actually a great lesson for people to see.

I also love the razzing from the peanut gallery (aka Dawn), there to just taunt you as you problem solve: "This is not a very eventful video".

I would have ended up putting him in the backyard ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words GF! I've been racking my brain this year to solve the Jack problem. Not only was he too tall for me to successfully pick up, but he was too wide to go through my gate into the backyard. I am seriously considering renting a scissor lift or cherry picker to pick him up with and place him in the back yard. Hmmmm....maybe I could build a hoist. Oh well, I'll think of something. I can always rebuild him if needed again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just realized you called me a NAZI, lol.... sheesh. hahahahaha.


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