Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Dawn’s Been Doing…

Well, besides playing in Halloween forums, that is…  :D


Did a Youtube search for “Sculpting Halloween Props”…. found some keepers…

First, a three part series by Jeremy Edsall on how to papier mache skulls:

First Part, Second Part, and Final.

A bust sculpted for future mask making duties, found Here.

And then I went on to just basic Sculpting 101…  which led me to THIS interesting piece – an artist taking a newly sculpted young face, and aging it…  good for zombies!!  (Probably not his intention, huh)

And all because… I never knew, when I started all this, that I would have to become a sculptor too.  hahaha!

PS.  Thanks if you have voted in my little poll on the side bar… I didn’t announce it in a blog post, so if you are in a Feeder, you don’t see it… I’m just wondering what everyone else is doing to stake their tombstones.  I have a lot of work retrofitting last years disasters, with the wonderful tips Mr. Macabre gave me… now I just have to decide which method I want to use for this years crop. 

Happy Saturday!

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Mr. Macabre said...

Try different mediums for sculpting, homemade paper mache tends to be a bit challenging when you try to get smoother skin textures. I use Crayola's Model Magic, it's fairly easy to work with and air dries. Also Paperclay is a good medium to play with, dries to a finish that you can sand smooth.
Something I just tried is using a pasta machine to make larger areas of 'skin'. It's easier to use than a rolling pin and smoother than patting down with your hands.
Also, looking at a mirror when you make a piece helps; the eyes are roughly in the middle of the head, the tops of the ears roughly line up with the eyes, etc…etc…all that makes for a more realistic ghoul.
And the teacher in me has to say...practice makes perfect and you can do it!


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