Monday, February 16, 2009

Fonts for Gravestones, Signs, Anything!

I live for fonts.  I collect the obvious creepy fonts, but also the older style fonts, calligraphy, gothic, Irish, just about anything that I think would look good on signs, gravestones, etc.

Here are some of my favorite free fonts…. Links to sites to download the fonts follow the preview.





Then to round out the Free Font extravaganza, there is Chad Savage, who has  There you will find awesome fonts that he has done, and offers them all for download.  His Readme asks that if you use his fonts, send him your work so that he can see it – just for fun… Imagine the things WE could send him!

fonts savage

There are more than the ones shown above on his site, so make sure and check it out!




Diane said...

a lolita scorned and zombified are my favs! i could browse through fonts for hours.

Renel said...

Manor stone can be used in a grave. Most commonly used in USA.


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