Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For an Amazing Neighbor…

Haunters have many reasons for doing what they do… it might be to scare neighborhood kids one night a year… it could be a creative outlet doing something they love… it could be an extension of wonderful Autumn/Halloween memories carried out throughout adult hood.

For these Nickols “kids”, it is a hobby that the two of us can share together all year, as well as an excellent chance to spend the month of October with our neighbors, outside in our front yard…. talking, catching up, laughing over a silly, but fun obsession.

Some of our neighbors might think we are just “over the top” or nuts…. but then, something amazing happens.  You come home one night, on the 11th of November, still a bit down and blue that Halloween is REALLY over for 350 more days, and you see something like this on your doorstep:

2009-11-11 20.05.30A box of candy and a card.  Your eyes light up a little…  do you have a secret admirer?  Oh no, its so much better than that, you can’t even imagine until you open the card….

2009-11-11 20.04.52 

If I ever question why I love this hobby so much, why I work on it every single month out of the year…. its moments like THIS VERY SECOND that remind me, and restore my faith in just about everything good in this world.

Thank you Dear Neighbor, I hope you read this blog someday and know how touched both Jayson and I are.  We can’t wait to see you every night in October next year. 

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