Friday, November 20, 2009

I make the stupidest mistakes when I write…

I don’t know how “carpet latex” got into my head, and therefore into my last post – but it was not, I assure you, carpet latex that I mixed with sand.  It was this….



Hardwood floor wood filler – came in a big bucket for a little bit of money, and with about 1 part of this stuff to about 3 parts sand made a perfect texture.  Dried overnight to an amazing finish that will not break or chip off.

Ugh, getting that email from Jaybo on my phone… titled, “Err, your last post???”  Felt like I got caught by the teacher again.

My apologies.  Not like any of you rushed out for carpet latex… YOU know better.  One of these days I will write a post at a decent hour, and clear my mind of the last 30 minutes of browsing blogs, Haunt and Halloween Forum and Twisted Nightmares…. 

carpet latex.  on graves.  sheesh.

Heading off to take my son (and drag my reluctant hubby) to see New Moon at 11 pm.  Got my ear plugs ready for all the screaming teen age girls, LOL.  Hallelujah, its Friday!



You need to write "I did not use carpet latex" 100 times on the blackboard then we will consider forgiving you :) what to do with the 20 gallons I rushed out and purchased?

William Bezek said...

And I just sent off for the 50 gallon drum of carpet latex!

Anonymous said...

You guys are KILLING me here! Jaybo will end up grounding me from the blog, LMAO.

PS. Send me the carpet latex and I will pay you double. I will figure out a new clay recipe or something with it, LOLOLOLOLOL


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