Friday, November 20, 2009

Tombstone Texture

You may remember my talking about the home made seam filler I was using here... Before that, I had been using joint compound or wood filler to smooth over the seams on the sides of all those 1/2” pieces of foam to make more substantial tombstones.

Then one day, I ran out of wood filler, (I could never find it in large quantities, and when I had a little bit left in the container, it would dry out before I could use it all) so I mixed some wood glue and sand to make a thick paste and spread it over the seams with a trowel. 

I ended up loving the texture and weight so much that I went and got a tub of carpet latex, and was able to finish off about 20 more stones and hardly make a dent in the latex.  (So a lot cheaper!)

Found this shot last night, and thought I would show you how it ended up looking on Halloween night. 

stone texture night

I wish you could feel it….  I love this.  :)


ShellHawk said...

Glad your invention worked! Looks great!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. That is a mighty fine looking tombstone you have there!


William Bezek said...

Love those happy accidents! I coated my very first cheesy corregated cardboard tombstones with glue and bird gravel topped with latex paint, and they have outlasted all my other props despite getting soaked with rain every year. It's like they are made of cement or something!

Anonymous said...

Will, as the mother of two boys, I have always been a firm believer that we could rebuild all the structures of the world in a day simply with dried up Cheerios and milk.... there is no harder substance on earth, LOL.


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