Friday, November 20, 2009

Tombstone Texture

You may remember my talking about the home made seam filler I was using here... Before that, I had been using joint compound or wood filler to smooth over the seams on the sides of all those 1/2” pieces of foam to make more substantial tombstones.

Then one day, I ran out of wood filler, (I could never find it in large quantities, and when I had a little bit left in the container, it would dry out before I could use it all) so I mixed some wood glue and sand to make a thick paste and spread it over the seams with a trowel. 

I ended up loving the texture and weight so much that I went and got a tub of carpet latex, and was able to finish off about 20 more stones and hardly make a dent in the latex.  (So a lot cheaper!)

Found this shot last night, and thought I would show you how it ended up looking on Halloween night. 

stone texture night

I wish you could feel it….  I love this.  :)

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