Sunday, November 22, 2009

Makeshift Tombstone Painting Station

You come up with the most fun things when your hubby has every available inch of the garage taken up with huge a$$ props….  You end up in the driveway one day, making an assembly line for painting and aging tombstones…. and find a way that you will use whether there’s space in the garage or not!  (Yes, I did notice that I had been kicked out of the MAN CAVE, but come to find out, it was ok!)

I didn't get a pic of my “table” set up, but it went something like this…

Take one of these

419C44MSQKL._SL500_AA280_ and move the two boards together to sandwich 2 pieces of rebar between them.  This is where you will put the tombstones (with embedded PVC, right?) to stand upright to paint.

Then pull up your city trash can, and make a white trash (haha) painters bench…. it even has a girlie little towel rack built right in!  LOL


I couldn't have built anything better if I had planned it.

You can see one on the workbench in the shot below….


It gets you up close and personal with your stones, at eye level, from all directions, and lets you allow it to dry for a few minutes before moving it.



William Bezek said...

And I thought it was just a trash receptacle. Hey Dixie, nice job on the patinated(sp?)copper. I couldn't see all this detail in the haunt pics.

Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

LOL! That's awesome!

We ended up using our patio table as a work table... needless to say, now that it is sporting paint splatters, it's now officially a work table.


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